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About Ryan Hafey

Ryan HafeyWho I am:

I am Ryan Hafey, the creator of the Cheap Chucky persona. You might think that, as a cheapskate, I grew up poor and learned my frugal ways from my parents who were always very money-conscious. Well, you’d be half right.

I was never poor growing up under my parents’ roof, but my mother and father were both very intelligent and realized that, in order to maintain our comfortable lifestyle, we all had to do our part to make sure we could keep what money we had in our pockets. As a result, I was never spoiled and I learned to work hard and save for the things I wanted. Those values have stuck with me to this day.

It wasn’t until I started college (Western Illinois University) that I realized how important these values really are. I never had a job during my college career. Instead, I would work during the summer and winter breaks and attempt to save up enough money to get me through the next semester. I had to use every trick in the book to make sure I could keep food (and beer) in my belly without going broke. I also got married and started a family while in college which made the challenge of managing my finances even more, well, challenging.

In late 2007, after graduating from college, my family and I packed up and got out of Illinois. We decided we would try our hand in Las Vegas (pun intended) which is where we currently reside. This was, of course, not long before the economy crashed and money became even harder to come by.

I promised myself and my family that I would find a way to keep a shelter over our head and food on the table no matter what. I’ve managed to do that to this day by utilizing the values my parents instilled in me and by coming up with a few money-saving tricks of my own over the years.

Who I am NOT:

I am not a personal finance expert. Let me make that clear. I’m am merely a commonsensical person who is dedicated to living a financially stable life. I consider myself a credible source of reliable money-managing information as a result of years of experience successfully managing my own finances with a limited income.

My Goal:

I’ve always been an advocate of sharing great thoughts and ideas. Given that mentality, it wouldn’t be fair of me to keep the knowledge I have gained over the years to myself. My goal with this blog is to not only share my knowledge, but to continue to learn more about money management through research and input from my readers.

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