10 MORE Quirky Ways to Save Money

Saving money isn’t always fun. Sometimes it’s just… necessary. My goal with this post is to pump some fun back into managing your finances. Now site back, relax, and enjoy this second installment of quirky money-saving tips.

1. Wash all your clothes with cold water:  If you’re like me, you were already doing this from the day you started washing your own laundry, but if you’re someone who washes your clothes “the right way,” try washing with cold water and take a chunk out of your gas bill.

2. Reuse common household items:  Straws, aluminum foil, paper towels, and plastic baggies are all commonly used items that could be used multiple times (assuming you’re willing to take the extra time to clean them).

3. Be a fat cat with a fat cat: This one comes from Carolyn Foster in her article titled, Funny Ways to Save Lots of Money. If you own a fat, lazy cat who just lays around takes up space, put it to work by lying it down by the base of a door to keep hot/cold air from seeping into your home and tacking on the pennies to your heating/cooling bill.

4. Don’t cancel cable:  I address this in a previous blog post. It’s amazing what cable companies will do to keep your business. Try calling your cable provider (or any ‘provider’ for that matter) and see what happens when you mention you’re interested in canceling your subscription with their service. You may be surprised at the deals they throw at you to keep you as a customer.

5. Every day is your birthday:  Next time you get a sweet tooth while eating at your favorite sit-down restaurant, tell your server it’s your birthday and get a free dessert. If you’re asked to show your ID, just claim that you forgot it. Who could turn down the birthday boy or girl on his or her special day? As long as you don’t mind an embarrassing birthday song sung by a less-than-enthusiastic group of servers, this one is surefire.

6. Buy yourself a gift card:  Christmas is coming and retailers and restaurants are pushing the sales of their gift cards. Many of them are throwing in bonuses along with each purchase. For example, CiCi’s Pizza is offering a free adult buffet whenever you buy a $20 gift card. If you eat at CiCi’s enough, you could score some free buffets by buying yourself some gift cards. Once the free buffets are used up, just use those gift cards for your subsequent visits.

7. Tailor clothes that don’t fit anymore:  Get over it. Those pants you’ve been trying to fit into for the last six months aren’t going to magically change size to fit you. Instead of paying a pretty penny for a pretty new pair of skinny jeans, take the ones that don’t fit to your local tailor. More often then not, altering the waistline on a pair of pants will be much cheaper than buying a new pair.

8. Stock up on free condiments:  This one came from an article by Steven Gillmen on EzineArticles.com and it makes sense. If fast food restaurants are willing to give away free condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc.), why not take advantage of it? Grab a handful every time you eat out and never buy store bought ketchup again! Check out the article for must funny ways to save money.

9. Bring your own snacks to the movies:  If there is one rule I think should be broken, it’s the “no outside food” rule that the movie theaters have. If you plan to go to the movies, sneak some snacks into the jumbo pockets of that oversize jacket of yours. Just say no to a $16 bucket of popcorn!

10. Lose the news: Here’s a newsflash for you – no one reads newspapers anymore! If you work in the newspaper industry, I do apologize, but there are so many FREE ways to obtain the same information that is provided in newspapers that there is no reason to continue to pay for a subscription. If you’ve got a computer and an internet connection, just head over to Yahoo! News and read all the FREE articles you want. Or, if you’re a little more tech-savvy, sign up for Twitter and start following @CNNBRK (CNN’s Breaking News Twitter account) or any informative news author you can think of. Blogs are also great for keeping you up-to-date.

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2 Responses to 10 MORE Quirky Ways to Save Money

  1. Theresa says:

    Great tips as usual!

    Being that this is Alex’s first Christmas, I definitely wanted to send out Christmas cards. This year, I paid no more than $6 for 40 customized photo cards. I got 20 from Snapfish by spending 200 Coke Reward Points (took about 2 months to save), and 20 from Shutterfly for spending 600 Pampers Gifts-to-Grow points (which can be found on pampers diapers… codes for free points can also be found online.) I saved a good $45 on Christmas cards. Only paid for shipping and will pay for stamps. BTW, send me your address- I need to send you one hehe!

    Also, maybe this was in a previous blog before I started following, but I’ve started saving a TON on online orders by simply going to google and searching “(name of store) coupons” and regularly find codes for free shipping or up to 25% off.

  2. I have two words for you: crock pot. Be sure to get a round one because they make liner bags for those & clean up is a breeze. You can get a pressure cooker and use cheaper cuts of meat. Read the destructions mis amigos & stay safe.

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