Sleight of InvisibleHand

InvisibleHandI recently came across my new favorite money-saving resource. In my opinion, it’s best described as a frugal bodyguard aimed to pounce at every poor spending decision. This savior of saving is called, InvisibleHand.

What is it?

InvisibleHand is an add-on which is compatible with many of your favorite internet browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

What does it do?

Picture a ninja waiting quietly and patiently in the brush for the perfect time to pounce on his opponent. InvisibleHand works much the same way. As you shop online, it monitors the prices of the products you’re shopping for and discretely surfs the net to find a lower price. If it finds one, you’ll get a notification showing you the lower price. It even provides a direct link to the web page for the less expensive item!

This isn’t your typical browser add-on. It doesn’t take up extra space on the screen or bug you with unnecessary pop-ups or adds. Furthermore, it’s FREE and it works. Have questions? Check out the InvisibleHand FAQ page.

Recently, my wife was surfing the net for an epilator. For those of you who don’t know, an epilator looks like an electric shaver but works by pulling the hair out of the skin instead of cutting it (and yes, it hurts). While surfing the net, she found what she thought was a good price, when all of a sudden, the ninja that is InvisibleHand stepped in and displayed a link to a website which was selling the same epilator for $13 less!

I’ve worked with InvisibleHand for some time now and it’s never steered me wrong, and with Christmas (or Hanukkah, if that’s how you roll) just around the corner, I figured this would be a great time to mention it to benefit all you online shoppers out there.

What other money-saving tools and resources have you used in your online shopping escapades? Let everyone know with a comment!

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