Sex Is Not Free

Recently, my wife and I found out we will be having another baby! That’s number three for us. This is great news for us, but accidental pregnancies happen all the time. Almost all of them are followed by mental, physical, and definitely financial hardships.

When you think about all the expenses tied into having a baby, it really adds up. Diapers, formula, baby food, clothing, doctors visits, and toys are all very expensive. If you ask me, if you’re not ready to have a baby, the purchase of that box of condoms is well worth the money spent compared to the money you could be spending raising a child (unless you’re having as much sex as Gene Simmons used to, in which case you’d have quite a large condom expense).

Now, I’m not trying to preach about safe sex here. This is a personal finance blog, and my point is simply that having sex can have significant financial consequences, but this philosophy can be applied to so many other scenarios as well.

Let’s say you’re at a bar and some punk across the way looks at your girl all wrong. Do you disregard him and go about your night or do you run over and punch the guy in the face? Sure, the latter may seem like a good idea at the time, but think about the possible financial repercussions. You could get arrested for battery and receive a hefty fine. The assaulted could also sue you for everything you’re worth. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Maybe you’re a Steven Slater wannabe and decide to flip out at work. I know work can be stressful. It’s not always easy to get along with coworkers or customers, but sometimes it’s simply easier to weather the storm and play by the rules (at least while you’re on the clock). If you get fired from a job, you cannot file for unemployment, it will be harder to find a new job, and those bills will start piling up. It’s just better not to risk it.

The lesson: Consider the consequences of your actions before making any rash decisions. They say bad decisions make good stories, but they can also cost you. They also say that rules are meant to be broken. If that’s true, just be careful which rules you choose to break. Cue the “The More You Know” music.

Do you have any other helpful insights? Let everyone know with a comment!

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2 Responses to Sex Is Not Free

  1. I am very grateful for your register template which I am using it to project future cash flow and expenses over the next several months.

    If I want to insert a row, however, the formula does not carry into the new row’s balance cell.

    Do you have fix for that?


    • Ryan Hafey says:

      Hi Curt. I’m glad you like the template.

      After inserting the new row, select the Balance cell in the row above the new row you just added by left-clicking it. Then, move your cursor to the bottom-right corner of the selected cell until the cursor turns into a “+” sign. Click and hold the left mouse button and drag downward to the bottom of the template within that column. At this point, you should notice the correct amounts being displayed in the balance column. Hop that helps.

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