Don’t Pay For Essential Computer Software (5 FREE Resources)

Recently, I had to purchase a new laptop PC. If you’ve ever done so, you’ll know that new computers these days come with tons of great, and FREE preloaded software such as anti-virus and word processing programs. The catch? Most of it is only FREE during a short trial period. After that, you have to purchase the software to continue to use it. Some of that software can be very expensive.

Whether you’ve purchased a new computer or you’re simply looking to tune up your existing PC, you should know that you don’t have to pay for essential software. No, I’m not going to teach you how to steal computer software. I’m simply going to show you where you can find effective, FREE PC software to handle all your essential computer functions.

Anti-Virus Software: Instead of paying for Norton or McAfee anti-virus programs (which don’t get great ratings anyway), download AVG FREE; a FREE anti-virus program. AVG offers a FREE and a paid version of its anti-virus software, however I find that the FREE version provides all the anti-virus functionality I need. You can customize all sorts of options and settings, the software is updates almost daily, and AVG gets much better ratings than many other paid anti-virus programs.

Office Software: Microsoft makes a great bundle of office software, but it sure is expensive. If you do not have the luxury of enjoying a full version of Microsoft Office, there is another option. offers FREE open source office software, such as word processing, database management, spreadsheet, presentation, and graphics software, which has most of the same functionality as the Microsoft Office software bundle.

File Cleanup Software: Disk Cleanup (a default junk file cleanup program found on any Windows operating system) isn’t always enough when it comes to keeping your computer FREE of junk files which can fill up your hard drive and slow your PC’s performance. CCleaner is a FREE program by Piriform designed to keep your computer FREE of unnecessary files. It also helps to clean up your system’s registry as well. CCleaner is easy to use and works in seconds to remove junk files from your PC.

Tune-Up Software: There are tons of FREE system optimization programs out there. Some are better than others. My personal favorite is Advanced SystemCare by IObit. With one click, Advanced SystemCare will completely optimize your system with features such as disk defragmentation, tracks removal, junk file removal, registry cleanup and optimization, and much more.

Malware Removal Software: Malware (short for malicious software) can accumulate on your computer over time and impair your computer’s performance. Some malware is even used to steal personal information from your computer. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software is a fast and FREE program aimed at keeping that ugly malware from invading your computer . Like AVG Anti-Virus, there is a paid version of Malwarebytes, however the FREE version should handle all your anti-malware needs.

By maintaining your own computer, you can avoid having to buy a new computer, or paying top dollar to have someone fix it when something goes wrong. The key is understanding that you don’t have to pay for the essential software needed to do this (and you don’t need to be a computer genius either). Download all the programs mentioned above so you don’t have to see that blue screen of death ever again!

Can you suggest any other great and FREE computer software? Let everyone know with a comment!

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9 Responses to Don’t Pay For Essential Computer Software (5 FREE Resources)

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  2. Ruth says:


    I love free AVG.

    I don’t like to use any utility that messes with my system’s registry. I can’t trust “System Restore” anymore on my Windows PC and if you can’t trust *that* utility what utility can you trust?

    I used to have anti-Malware on my computer. When I had to reformat my hard drive, I neglected to reload it. I’m going to download this software as you suggest. Thanks for the tip!

    Yes, I previously saved lots of money by doing my own computer cleanup, however, I had to take it in to be vacuumed as I was afraid that I might destroy my motherboard in the process. 🙂 Never mind, that by not using the utilities that you mentioned I, probably, left a lot of stuff floating around inside my PC. Oh well …

    Yes, I understand that “OpenOffice” is very impressive. Thanks for reminding me about it. Since I heard your podcast, I’ve downloaded the installer and I will put it on my laptop. Thanks again.

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