3 Steps to Prosperity Using Passion and Creativity

I personally believe that creativity and passion are all you need to make a success out of yourself in some way, shape, or form. All other personality characteristics or skills are incidental. For example, you may think you are the greatest song writer of all time, but if you do not possess the passion and the drive to create unique and consistent content, no one will know or care who you are.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a great example of someone who used his creativity and passion for wine to create quite a career for himself. Vaynerchuk is best know as the star and director of operations for Wine Library TV; an eccentric video blog all about wine. He has a passion for wine and was able to become successful by finding a creative way to educate and inform others, thus gaining credibility and growing his business as a result. Now-a-days, Vaynerchuk has made quite a name for himself even outside of the wine business. For example, in 2009 he has released his book, Crush It!, in which he shares the secrets of his success. All this is the result of an intense level of passion and creativity.

I also consider myself to be a passionate and creative person, however I have not (yet) experienced the level of success as Vaynerchuk (at least from a monetary standpoint). I’ve attempted to utilize my passion and creativity plenty of times over the years. For instance, I once thought I could make a few extra bucks by sporting a magnetic sign on the side of my car which read, “Advertise Here.” For a fee, I would allow businesses or individuals to advertise on my vehicle. Did it work? Absolutely not! But with every failure, there is a lesson learned. It is passion that keeps me from giving up on my ideas.

I consider this blog to be a work of passion and creativity as well. Although it does not bring me any great deal of monetary wealth, I keep doing it because it is fun and because I get the opportunity to spread my knowledge and learn new things along the way as well. Success doesn’t always have to come in the form or a large paycheck.

So how does one become the next Gary Vaynerchuck? There is no one simple answer to that question, but here are 3 steps accompanied by various tips, suggestions, and examples that may point you in the right direction:

1. Uncover your passion: You ARE passionate about something whether you know it or not. They key is to first uncover what it is you are truly passionate about. Think about your interests. Maybe you’re an avid movie-goer with a passion for a good story plot. Maybe you’re an animal lover with a strong disposition against animal cruelty. Maybe you love to knit and have a desire to share your garments with the world. Those are all passions.

2. Determine your goals: Are you looking to make millions or simply share knowledge and ideas because it’s fun (like I do with this blog)? Regardless what your intentions are, you need to make them clear to yourself up front. By doing this, you set your goals and expectations and you give yourself some direction.

3. Find creative ways to exploit your passion: Now that you’ve determined your goal, it’s time to start thinking about how to turn your dreams into reality. This is the part that takes time. Depending on your your passion and how you plan to exploit it, there will be many directions you can go here. Blogging is an excellent starting point. Blogs are a great way to spread knowledge and build credibility. It is simple to start a blog. Just head over to WordPress.com, sign up for FREE, and get blogging. Where you go from there is up to you. If you simply have great content to share, try charging a download fee for some of your video content or ebooks. If you’re that knitter mentioned earlier, why not set up an online store where you can sell your creations? Maybe you’re not interested in making money and want to simply make a difference. If you’re that animal activist, why not try to form a group of other animal activists and together find ways to fight animal cruelty? An important part to this step is truly believing in your passion and not being afraid to put yourself out there. In the end, just make sure you do what makes you happy.

I know this post was a little vague in terms of specifics; it wasn’t meant as a how-to. There is no one right path for every individual. The steps above are simply guidelines. If you want to learn more about turning your passion into a way of life, try reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crust It!.

Can you provide any additional input? Share your opinion with a comment!

Podcast – #9-3 Steps to Prosperity Using Passion and Creativity

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2 Responses to 3 Steps to Prosperity Using Passion and Creativity

  1. Gene says:

    ” creativity and passion are all you need to make a success out of yourself ”

    Although these things may be essential, because you “have not (yet) experienced the level of success” while at the same time consider yourself “to be a passionate and creative person” it appears that you are missing something else from the mix. Otherwise you would have been successful as you possess all you need. Correct?

    No one has been able to derive a formula for success quiet yet and even though passion and creativity may be prerequisites, they are certainly not the only requirements.

    • Ryan Hafey says:


      Thank you for your comment. You raise a valid point. I believe you are absolutely correct in saying that creativity and passion are not the only requirements to success. There are many other underlying skills, talents, and knowledge that are required (all of which I believe to be derived from creativity and passion). And as you point out, I have not yet experienced the level of monetary success I would prefer, but remember, “Success doesn’t always have to come in the form or a large paycheck.” Thanks for your feedback!

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